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Make tracks to Washington's side of the gorge.


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Trailhead: The Dog Mountain trailhead is located nine miles east of Stevenson on north side of State Highway 14 at milepost 53. Two routes lead to summit of Dog Mountain.

Length: 6 miles (9.7 km)

Trail Uses: Hiking

Elevation: High: 2,800 feet, Low: 150 feet

Season of Use: March-December

Visitor Use: Heavy

Description: This loop trail giving hikers the option of heading north on the more direct, but steep route to the summit, or to the east for a longer but more gradual climb. The eastern fork climbs 2,000 feet in elevation in 2.5 miles to the site of a former fire lookout. A 1-mile loop trail to the summit provides easy access through flowered hillsides and offers an incredible view of the western portion of the Columbia River Gorge You can also get superb views along the eastern fork of the trail, without having to climb all the way to the summit. The northern route climbs steeply for 2.5 miles through a dense forest to the lookout site. The trail intersects the loop trail to the summit of Dog

Features: Wildflowers blanket the mountainside meadows in late spring-early summer, especially balsam root! Spectacular views of the Columbia River Gorge both east and west are well worth the exertion required to reach the summit! Dog Mountain was used as a "fire lookout point" sometime around 1920 in order to serve the Mt. Hood National Forest to the south. In 1931 a fire lookout was constructed by the Columbia National Forest (the previous name of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest). The lookout was reconstructed in 1952 by the Mt. Hood National Forest. The lookout, unofficially known as "puppy lookout" was dismantled in 1967 as it became more common to detect fires
from the air and the expanding road system.

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